Sunshine Blogger Award: Part 2

Thank you Leon for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award and sending these interesting questions.


  1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate up to 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

These are my answers to your questions.

Smoothy or Crunchy?

Smoothy for me if we’re talking about peanut butter.

Kirk or Picard?

Not much of a Star Trek fan so I honestly can’t say.

Dogs or cats?

Both, but I have a kitten right now so I am a little biased towards cats.

Coffee or tea?

I like both but I definitely prefer tea.

Ren or Stimpy?

I have never seen this show but now I’m curious after looking it up.

Favorite explorer?

No idea, I have never thought about it.

Need more time for the last question?

Definitely, I will have to do research.

I prefer my broccoli cooked and my cauliflower raw. You?

Cooked please.

Spell check – on of off?

It is always on.

What word do you always spell incorrectly?

I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Can you recite pi to more than 2 decimal places?

No, that would be an interesting challenge though.

Bonus question? How many?

Sure, I’m game. One more.

Final question? Why do you know that?

Yes. Know what, that it’s the final question?


  1. Is there anything about your life that you would change?
  2. If you could time travel, what time period would you go (past or present) and why?
  3. Do you prefer snow or rain?
  4. What’s the last book you read?
  5. Are you introverted or extraverted?
  6. What’s your favourite song?
  7. How do you end your day?
  8. What makes you happy?
  9. What inscription do you want on your grave stone?
  10. Do you prefer movies or books?
  11. Why do you write?


  1. Reindeershermaine
  2. Viral Images
  3. Haley’s Comment
  4. From 30 and Beyond
  5. Jan On The Blog
  6. Chats with Chels
  7. Raw Beauty Blog
  8. My Screaming Twenties
  9. Loving What You Live
  10. Zak Hayes
  11. Adventurous Kate

Check out my previous Sunshine Blogger Award post here.

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